How To Eat Carbs Without Gaining More Weight

How To Eat Carbs Without Gaining More Weight

An advice on How To Eat Carbs Without Gaining More Weight for people struggling with this issue.

It can be very hard cutting down on carbs to achieve your goals when you first start out.

We searched for people who have tried it and had successful results and shared their experience of consuming a low-carbs diet without developing the tendency to become homicidal or hungry.

Keep in mind that all bodies are not the same, and what might work for some might not work for you. Always check with your physician before starting or changing your current diet or nutritional plan.

If you are serious about switching into a low-carbs diet, we hope that you find these instructions helpful.


1.  Eat the largest portion of your carbs early day, since its the when we need energy the most.

-Heather N. (Facebook): “I eat my carbs early day since we burn most of our energy during that time and because breakfast carbs are the best type of carbs. I tend to double my veggies with protein for most dinners.”


2. Limit starchy add-ons, instead of cutting all carbs.

-Unknown user: “I don’t like eating zero carbs when having a meal or a snack, instead I try limiting the ‘carby’ add-ons. For example, when eating ice cream, ask for a cup instead of a cone, and when eating out try have water instead of other beverages (honestly it hard to stick to it). These changes don’t seem like much, but you’ll really see them add up.”


3.  Have more complex carbs instead of simple carbs. They will keep you full have a great nutritional value for your body.

-Michelle G. (Facebook): I have discovered that skipping carbs made me crave to eat more later. So in order to stay comfortable and control my cravings I make sure that my carbs are the complex type, which means whole grains, starchy veggies, sweet potatoes, beans, oats, etc. They make me feel full longer, and the fiber they contain helps with digestion, and does not spike my blood sugar level, which doesn’t cause make me to crash later.


4. Get your carbs from fresh fruits and vegetables, they have more nutrients, and less dense in calories than processed carbs.




5. Make a habit, if you are going to eat sugary carbs, you have to make them yourself.

“If you find yourself craving cakes, cookies, pastries, it is OK to have them as long as you make them from scratch yourself. You cannot imagine how quickly your desire for eating will fade away when they are not found on the spot to be eaten.”



6. Increase your protein intake through out the day to keep you full.

“It helped me stay full longer, more energized, and increased my metabolism because eating more protein built me more muscle mass, which lead to burning more calories and losing more body fat”



7. When craving Pizza, skip the dough and make it in an exquisite Portobello mushroom cap.

“Flip over a large Protobello cap and fill it with your favorite toppings and bake it as you would like. The result will be delicious and much lower in carbs.”


Get the recipe here.


8. Using and combo of butter and cheese to make low-carbs swaps tastier.

“Discarding carbs is extremely hard, so do yourself a favor and sprinkle a pinch of Parmesan cheese on those zoodles.” (Zucchini Noodles)



9. Discard the low-fat diet. All of it.

“Avocado, cheese, fish, olive oil, etc… are nutrients with healthy fats eating them helped me stay full. Eating low-fat in the beginning, kept me tired, hungry, and overall miserable. I lost 45 pounds with a high fat, low-carbs diet and felt a lot healthier and happier all around.”



10. Give Zoodles a chance. (Zucchini Noodles)

“If you do it right, it will have the same consistency as pasta, And it has my favorite part of spaghetti is the meat and veggie-packed sauce, This is a great way to trick your taste buds into eating a little healthier, without sacrificing the flavor.”



11. Invest in a spiralizer that will help you turn Carrots and Zucchini into a low-carbs pasta.


“I really like pasta”



12. Fill your side, toppings, meals and keep them low in carbs by adding some hard boiled eggs.

“If you want to to a have pizza, take its toppings (mushroom, olives, and whatever you want) scramble them, add some pizza sauce and mozzarella. If you want a Taco, use its seasoning, meat, veggies, etc… and then top it with salsa and cheese. This usually works for me no matter what my craving is, and eggs is a hoot, low in calories and are really high in protein.”

-Ana Grydzuk (Facebook)


13. Don’t drink your carbs.

“You should slowly give up soda by swapping it with carbonated, naturally flavored water (any brand should be fine). Avoid and stay away from those branded packaged ‘fruit’ juices because the are fully loaded with sugars, which means more carbs. If you like fruit juice, you can blend your own at home by squeezing some or acquiring freshly squeezed from the market.

-Jordan De La Esperilla (Facebook)


14. Learn to cook and bake with flour alternatives such as coconut or almond flour.

“As many of us know, the hardest part is learning to live without bread, particularly during breakfast. Baking with flour alternatives gives you the feeling of getting full on bread minus the all the bad carbs. My personal favorites are coconut flour blueberry muffins, and almond flour cheddar biscuits, found them both on Pinterest.”


Here’s the link here.


15. Keep a bag of frozen chopped cauliflower in your fridge to easily add them to any of your meals.

“I can’t emphasis enough on how amazing this vegetable is and how it can be used as a carbs substitute. Personally i use it as  a pizza crust or a rice alternative.”



16. Store some low-carbs snacks so you can munch on when ever you feel the urge to eat.

“I always keep few of these Whisps cheddar cheese crisps laying around the house just in case of an emergency to keep things under control. You can order them from Amazon and they’re also sold at Costco!”



17. Apps like MyPlate and MyFitnessPal can help you learn more about whats in the food you are eating.



18. Search for delicious spaghetti squash recipes to try.

“Spaghetti squash will never fail you. I’ve been on a lower-carbs diet for a few months so far and there’s no way I could have made it without it.”



19. Try switching into black coffee, or slowly ease up on the sugar and cream until you get there.

“I couldn’t give up on coffee, so my trainer suggested that I take it with only milk no sugar. It was hard at first, and I got used to it eventually.



20. Try to search for a low-carbs alternatives of your favorite foods.

“Pinterest is a great way into finding recipes with healthier alternatives to the foods I like. Also, I’ve found many support groups where people offer some great alternatives.”



21. Try eating small meals more often if you are having hard time staying full.

“I try to have a small breakfast, snack, small lunch, snack, small dinner, and then finish with another snack. Just make sure that the meals are high in fiber, protein, and fat and you’ll be good to go.”



22. It is going to be hard, but trying to maintain a low carbs diet is definitely doable and worth it for sure.

“The first few weeks will be tough. But once you get past them, you will get rid of craving for sugar and carbs and the way you used to before, and that’s the beauty about it.



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How To Eat Carbs Without Gaining More Weight

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