Appetite Suppressing Foods Can Support Weight Loss Process

Appetite suppressing foods can support weight loss process.

Everyone is looking for that magic weight loss method, whether its supplements, juice, or a cutting edge workout plan. In fact, what can give you that edge you’re looking for is tweaking your diet, and consuming foods that can serve your cause, not act against it.

To point out that these foods will not have that magical effect on their own. To do so they have to be part of a healthy weight-loss diet achieve that edge you’re looking for by controlling your hunger and shedding that extra fat you are carrying around.


1 – Greek and Icelandic yogurt

Both types have an appetite curbing properties and are best consumed as snacks. They contain less water concentration, thicker, creamier, and are high in protein despite other yogurt market products.


2 – Avocados

As some of you might know, Avocados is an excellent source of healthy fats that are great for the heart. It can sooth your hunger since it has 9 calories per gram, that’s more than double amount of calories in a gram of protein or carbs, it can be very efficient controlling your hunger.

Rich with oleic acids (a healthy fat), avocados can provide an added value as a type of fruit that over powers your appetite.

Omega 9 is a fatty acid  found in olive and canola oils. When we consume it, our bodies convert it into a compound known as OEA (oleoylethanolamide).


3 – Red chili peppers

There is a compound found inside red chili peppers calls capsaicin that causes the “hot” sensation when you consume it. This the burn can work both ways and keep them calories in check which is the key to weight loss.

Research suggests that capsaicin has the ability to suppress hunger. In one study, it showed when consumed with breakfast subjects has experienced a decrease in appetite before lunch time and consumed lesser quantities of fat and protein during lunch. Some other study pointed out that adding pepper to appetizers can significantly reduce the amount of calories and carbs consumed over lunch and even snacks that were served hours later.


4 – Barley

Although it is loaded with carbohydrates, barely is considered as a natural appetite suppressant, were a unique dietary fiber takes the credits for being the extra filling contained in its grains.

A study had showed that some test subjects who consumed bread made from barely kernels for three consecutive days’ breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They have also found that it controlled their appetite  and boosted metabolism for another 14 hours after having their last meal while keeping blood and insulin levels low.


5 – Soup

When soup is consumed as an appetizer, it can reduce hunger and makes you feel fuller while reducing the number of calories consumed during the entire meal.

A study has should that participants were given four types of soup, same ingredients different forms (vegetables, chunky vegetables, pureed vegetables, and pureed vegetables soup).

Where researchers had concluded that diversifying in soup components does not significantly affect the quantity of food consumed.  As far as they know having consuming an entrée of cheese tortellini, test subjects consumed 20% less calories of their lunch in comparison with those who didn’t have the soup.

What’s so special about that soup you said? Well its content is high in water, low in energy (caloric density). Which means you can fill up on a large portion and feel full without consuming loads of calorie that is usually comes in large portion meals.


6 – Vegetable salad

Just like soup, having a salad before meal has been found to have a relation between feeling fuller and consume less calories.

A study has showed having a large salad which is low in calories as a meal’s first course – with iceberg, romaine lettuce, carrots, tomatoes, celery, cucumbers, light mozzarella cheese and a fat-free dressing – people where more satisfied in eating fewer calories for the entire meal compared with people who skipped eating their salad.


7 – Spinach

Spinach is a great source of thylakoids, its green leaves bear chlorophyll within its parts which helps in the photosynthesis. That aside, research indicates that thylakoids can help in reducing in the amount of food consumption.

Another study indicates that when individuals consumed high-fat meal with addition to thylakoids, it increased their CCK hormone levels , alongside with leptin, the hormone that tells us to “stop” eating. They also had a decreased levels of ghrelin, a hormone that stimulates appetite.

Another study pointed out that adding thylakoids to meals rich with carbs, it can actually suppress the urge to have sweets and snacks, “An appetite control professor Charlotte Erlanson-Albertson who conducted the study at the University of Lund in Sweden. He shed some light on consuming thylakoid-rich spinach extract facilitates weight loss. “Test subjects who consumed thylakoids found it was easier for them to refrain from snacking which led them to lose more weight.”

The study conducted gave its subject an equal of 100 grams of spinach of thylakoids, that’s about three cups of raw spinach.

To get a more concentrated source of spinach, include it as a smoothie ingredient, or puree it to make a nice blended spinach soup.


8 – Flax-seed

Flax-seed is full with two natural appetite suppressant: omega-3 fats, and fiber.

One whole flax-seed spoon contains 3 grams of fiber and around 4 grams of healthy fats. Where one tablespoon of ground flax-seed has 2 grams of fiber and about 4 grams of good fats. The fibers can keep you feeling full without consuming the extra calories. A study conducted showed that consuming the fiber  mixed with a drink or as a tablet after an overnight fast, can greatly suppress appetite and lower the need to eat more during lunch.

These fibers do have various benefits, which helps in explaining the connection between high fiber intakes and lowering body weight, also the fat in flax-seed can help blood sugar to rise slowly when consumed with carbs-rich foods. Rapid rising and spiking of blood sugar can cause hunger and irritation following that, where steady blood levels can have a positive appetite effects.

The fastest way to consume flax-seed and start gaining its benefits is by adding a tablespoon of ground flax-seed into your morning meal or smoothie, or you can sprinkle it over some yogurt. Another alternative is to add into your pancake batter mix is a good idea.


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Appetite Suppressing Foods Can Support Weight Loss Process

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