[Spoilers] Were there any signs or foreshadowing about who would end up ruling the Seven Kingdoms?

I only recently finished Game of Thrones about 2 weeks ago and honestly I still find it hard to believe that this series has ended. Yes, like others I was largely disappointed but I'm trying to separate my book knowledge from what the show has given us and trying to figure out if Bran being king was something that was alluded to in previous episodes.

I mean Tyrion choosing Bran just because he has a good story seems ridiculous at this point. If you want to go down that route Davos has a really good story as well (maybe even better). He started off with nothing, became a smuggler, accepted the punishment of his crimes and came into service of House Baratheon, became hand, lost his son, gained money from Bravos for Stannis and then went to save the Watch from the Wildling attack, lost his "daughter", lost his various positions with Stannis, comes into service for Jon where he helps take back the North from the Boltons, advises (terribly) on various battle strategies for Jon and Dany, helps defeat the Army of the DEAD and is just an all around great guy who is somehow extremely optimistic given the hardships and adversities he has had to bear from all the other lords.

Alternatively, Brienne also has a good "story". So does Sam. What makes Bran so deserving of the throne? What were the other signs that he would be a better leader than these other people with awesome stories.

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