[SPOILERS] Not sure if anyone’s thought of this, but this had me tripping πŸ˜‚

Each direwolves Fate represents how its owners story ends

Lady: dies as a puppy by the lannisters, to represent Sansa losing her innocense to the Lannisters

Greywind: Killed by crossbows at the Redwedding, just like Robb and both get decapitated

Nymeria: Gets betrayed by the Lannisters and flees, comes back to reject staying with the Starks

Summer: Dies inthe Three Eyed Raven's cave, just like Bran Stark "dies"

Shaggydog: killed by the Umbers and brought to the Boltons with Rickon, Who is killed by the Boltons

Ghost: Is scarred and battle worn, but returns to the Wall to serve and live up North, the same as Jon

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