[Spoilers] How would Arya’s upbringing been different if Catelyn wasn’t from the South?

I am curious about this, considering people like Brienne. Yes, Brienne is from the stormlands and she was taught she was an ugly thing by her septa (and in the book she looks like a man and isn’t just tall and buff) but at the same time her father taught her swordplay as “you shouldn’t tussle with boys but I’ll be sure you’re doing it right”. Meanwhile, the north is more liberal towards women in combat: in the book all the mormont girls are warriors, with Dacey Mormont being Robb Stark’s bodyguard. And because the north is cold and unforgiving, many women are ruling over lands, like Lady Hornwood. If Brienne was born in the north, yeah she’d be made fun of for looking like a man but be applauded for being a warrior.

This also goes hand in hand with the books since it deconstructs the tomboy doesn’t want to have tea parties and wear makeup trope: yeah it sucked for Arya to be a lady but at the same time she had three square meals and a roof over her head whereas now she’s a 9 year old girl losing her sanity, murdering people, and running for her life. She even thinks that if she had to go back to lady lessons she would take it. And as a lady the only things she was good at were math and horseback riding, which she eclipsed Sansa in.

So sorry about that but my question is:

How would Arya’s upbringing changed if Catelyn wasn’t a Tully but rather perhaps (I’m just randomly giving house names) a Bolton or a Manderly? Would Catelyn have still been a lady, considering we have people like Lady Dustin? Would she have been more accepting of Arya but still taught her a compromise?

I am curious because in the books, Ned doesn’t think Arya liking swords is anything more than a kiddy phase, like karate: you saw a commercial about it and three months later you’re bored. Granted, Lyanna was an athletic, beautiful tomboy who loved all kinds of martial prowesses. So would Ned become like Catelyn and try to make Arya something she isn’t? Or would he take more of an interest in Sansa who has no interest in doing stupid things like learning how to start a campfire or shoot a bow?

Would Sansa have been the Arya Horseface in this scenario and hated living in the North a heck of a lot more and not just in a teen sense? After all, how does being good at knitting compare to knocking a boy’s teeth out? Yeah she’s a beauty but still, she’s no Arya.


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