I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it.

With the show gone we only have a dragon size hole in our hearts.

Make us whole again GRRM!



Jon opened his eyes.

It was morning; the cold had woken him, the cold and his dreams. He hated dreaming, his dreams were always the same. He dreamt of fire, of ash, of lost love. He felt cold even though the fire was still crackling in his chimney. As he rose slowly from the bed; he felt something moving next to his bed on the cold floor. Ghost. The snowy white giant direwolf opened one of his red eyes and closed it again as he saw Jon moving from the bed to the privy.

‘It’s no use looking at me that way, Tormund is coming soon and ye better help me this time. We can’t lose to him again’ said Jon.

Ever since he had been exiled back North, to the real North, Tormund and him had an annual hunting competition. The hunt’s champion would be whoever could catch the biggest animal and bring it back to the Free Folk for a feast. The people called it: ‘the Hunt of the Dragonrider and the Giantsbane’. Tormund had won every year since Jon’s exile began seven years ago. This would be the seventh. Two years ago, Jon thought he would win, when Ghost helped him catch the biggest Stag he had ever seen. Tormund caught a grey bear twelve feet tall. Jon lost.

‘Seven years… has it been that long already? Perhaps time should be measured by events and not by years’ Jon thought… He smiled sadly as he remembered moments gone by. He thought of his sisters Sansa and Arya. He thought of Bran, the cripple boy who became King. Mostly he thought of her, he always thought of her. Daenerys.

Jon finished relieving himself, and put on his clothes and wolf-coat. He heard a knock on the door.

‘That will be the Giantsbane’ said Jon to Ghost, as he opened the door.

The giant ginger smiled at the sight of a half awoken Jon.

‘Are ye ready to lose again little Crow?’ said Tormund.

‘This is the seventh year of the hunt. Seven is a lucky number, like the gods. Mayhaps the gods will smile on me this time’ said Jon.

‘You’re in the North, the old gods rule here my little Crow. Let’s get started Dragonrider, I am already hungry’ said Tormund smiling at his old friend.

Jon picked up his Valyrian sword, Longclaw, his bow and arrows, a leather pouch with dry meat for him and Ghost to share, and some water. Jon waited at the door as his direwolf slowly got off the floor and came to him. Once outside Tormund smiled and wished his friend good luck.

‘I will see you at sunset Dragonrider’ said Tormund amusedly.

‘Same to you Tormund of Tarth’ said Jon smiling back at his friend

‘Aaaahhhh good memories’ said Tormund smiling to himself as he walked away from them.

The village was deserted, everybody still asleep as the sun slowly emerged from its daily slumber. Jon and Ghost started walking west towards the nearby forest. Jon had decided to walk around the edge of the forest, on the north side, to spot any animal tracks before deciding to venture into the forest to chase whatever animal might be there. It was a beautiful day Jon thought. The sky was cloudless. Only the vanishing red light from the rising sun disturbed the blueness of the sky. If he looked south he could see the Wall in the horizon. After all these years, the sight of it still took Jon’s breath away. There she was: bright, crying as the first rays of dawn hit her glasslike surface in the summer sun. Eternal.

After an hour or so of walking, they reached the edge of the forest.

‘All right Ghost; let’s see what we can find. Use that nose of yours’ said Jon. The giant direwolf stared at Jon with its big ruby eyes before it started trotting at a slow pace while sniffing the ground in front of him for any animal scents.

Jon was walking briskly behind his direwolf, with his bow and arrow at the ready. The forest to their left looked dark and uninviting, with no signs of animal tracks. They followed the edge of the forest, but ahead of them three hundred yards away, a massive boulder blocked the path. They would either have to go south into the forest or they would have to walk around it on the north side. As they approached the massive rock, Ghost stopped.

‘What is it Ghost? Did you catch a scent?’ Jon quietly asked his wolf.

Ghost lowered its massive body, its left ear pointing backwards, the hair on its back bristled as the wolf started walking slowly towards the rock. Jon followed, bow and arrow ready. They slowly followed the circumference of the rock as they moved northwards around it and away from the forest.

Jon was about twenty yards away from the edge of the boulder; he would be able to peak on the other side. Ghost started snarling its teeth as Jon reached the edge of the boulder with his bow ready.

‘I’ll shoot it and you hold it down. Then I’ll come running behind you to end it with Longclaw” he whispered to his direwolf.

Jon quickly moved to the other side of the boulder ready to strike…and he froze.

There in front of him, on the other side of the boulder at the edge of the forest resting on the ground was something he hadn’t seen in seven years, and something he thought he would never see again in his life.

A Dragon.

The beast rested on the ground, its black scales as dark as night, massive in its length. It’s long neck bent over its right wing, as if distracted by something on the other side. From where he stood Jon could only see the Dragon’s left profile. Its left wing was half raised, while its long tail rested on the ground by the trees.

Jon could not see the dragon’s face, but he knew who it was. Here at the end of the world, rested the dragon that burnt the Gold Road, the one who brought fire to the Long Night, the dragon that fought its brother in the clouds above Winterfell, the one that had rescued Jon beyond the Wall, the bane of Kings Landing, the one who melted the Iron Throne; and took its dead Mother away in the darkness across the Narrow Sea. The only living dragon left in the world.


Jon stood there watching the magnificent beast, as Ghost remained slightly behind him by the boulder. He lowered his bow and arrow, as he took half a step towards Drogon. His black leather boot was loud in the flat rocky path, and the dragon turned its massive neck around until he found the source of the noise. Jon.

Drogon stared at Jon, with its mouth and nostrils slightly opened. The dragon’s head was no more than fifty yards away.

Jon stared back at the dragon silently, unsure of what to do. From the corner of his eye, he thought he saw something moving behind the dragon’s left wing. He slowly turned his gaze from the dragon’s eyes to its wing. There, stepping from behind the wing appeared a vision of his past, the reason his heart felt empty and his guilt never-ending.

Daenerys Targaryen.

Jon’s bow and arrow made a loud noise on the rock as they fell from his hand. He stood there stony and silent, as the statues of the old Kings of Winter in the crypts of Winterfell. He thought it must be a dream, a cruel one.

‘Dany?’ he muttered silently.

Daenerys smiled softly as she pet Drogon’s wing and started walking towards Jon. She looked as radiant as ever, as if time had stopped by. Her long silver blonde hair moved freely down to her waist. She had a small braid dangling from her forehead to her neck. Her indigo eyes shone as bright as the ice of the Wall in the morning sun. She wore the same white and grey sheep coat that she used to wear when visiting the North.

She stopped three steps away from Jon, as she stared at him with soft eyes and smiled sadly at him. Jon felt those three steps were a greater chasm than crossing the Narrow Sea. He felt his knees buckle under the weight of his aching heart.

‘Da..Dany…how? Jon asked sheepishly

‘The Lord of Light’, she said simply. ‘Drogon took me East. The followers of R’Hllor brought me back, just like you. Now we both have scars in our hearts’.

‘Dany…I’m sorry…I…’ Jon said. He could not say anything else. The words escaped him as they left his mouth. Jon’s eyes reflected the pain and sorrow in his heart, as the tears started forming and gently streaming down his face.

Daenerys took the final steps between them and stood there looking at his old lover’s eyes, as she softly touched his face and wiped the tears away. Jon saw that she was smiling at him as her own tears streamed down her fair cheeks. For the first time in seven years he felt hope, the hope that only love can bring to a man’s heart.

Jon gently grabbed her hands and stared into her eyes, terrified that this moment would disappear and he would only have a vague memory of it. Terrified it would disappear, like a dream that is forgotten when the body is suddenly awoken.

‘Where have you been all this time?’ Jon said softly.

‘Volantis. That is where I was given the kiss of life. I stayed there for some time, and then went back to the Great Grass Sea’ said Daenerys.

‘Dany…I’m sorry’ said Jon. He wanted to say so much more to her, but the words betrayed him.

‘I know you are. I had many enemies in my first life, but I did not think I would die at the hands of the noblest man I knew. The man I loved’ she said with some pain in her voice.

‘At first, I wanted to come back with Fire and Blood once again. However, having life again changed me…with time, I understood your choice’ she said.

‘I should have tried to convince you some other way…I…’ Jon said.

Daenerys gently squeezed his hands. ‘You were right, and so was Varys. I lost my way on my path to the Iron Throne. I became what I always struggled to keep at bay. I became my father’s daughter’ Daenerys said regretfully.

‘Life was given back to me, and I had…other things to mind…so I went back to the Dothraki Sea, away from the world’ she said with a smile on her face.

Even with his eyes full of tears as he stared at Daenerys, Jon caught a slight movement from the corner of his eyes. He saw as Drogon’s gargantuan head turned around to its right, as something appeared from behind its right wing. It was the most beautiful sight that Jon had ever seen in his life.

A little girl.

The little girl could not have been older than six years old, Jon thought. She started walking slowly towards Daenerys and Jon. She had fair skin and her eyes were a brighter shade of indigo than Daenerys. She had two silver hair braids on each side of her face down to her neck. ‘Targaryen hair’ Jon thought.

As she approached them, he noticed that her hair in the middle was not silver, but black and wavy. His heart started racing, as if it was trying to tell him something about this most beautiful of creatures.

The little girl wore a sheep coat, half black and half red with a grey silver band across the middle. This is what Jon thought Daenerys must have looked like when she was that age, except for the patch of black hair. Jon had no doubt this girl was Daenerys Targaryen’s daughter. He noticed that she was holding a wooden figurine, a toy of some sort. It was a wooden dragon, painted sky blue except for its dark green tail. She stopped about five yards from them.

Daenerys let go of Jon’s hands and approached her daughter. She grabbed her hand and brought her closer to Jon, no more than one foot away.

‘This is your father my love. He was a King, and his name is Aegon Targaryen, the sixth of his name” Daenerys said looking at his daughter.

Daenerys looked happily at Jon and said: ‘this is your daughter. Her name is Lyanna Targaryen’

Jon’s legs gave out and he fell on his knees in front of his daughter. Ghost approached Jon as it saw him falling on his knees.

Jon looked at Lyanna with all the love a man can have for his child, and with all the pain that his heart had carried for seven long years.

‘How?…Dany, how?… Jon’s words were barely audible.

‘Only death can pay for life. My life allowed her to live’ Daenerys said sweetly as a tear slowly fell down her face.

Jon hugged and kissed his daughter with tears in his eyes and joy in his heart. He held her with more love than he had ever given to anyone, more than Arya, more than Daenerys, more than Ghost. He did not know how long that moment lasted, in that instant he felt immortal.

At last he let go of Lyanna.

‘Lyanna… that’s a beautiful name’ said Jon smiling at his daughter.

‘Mother named me after my grandmother. She said she had great beauty and was very brave’ the girl said with conviction.

‘She was just like you’ said Jon approvingly

Ghost got closer to the little girl, who seemed a bit scared of the giant direwolf. Ghost then smelled the patch of black hair and started licking her ear. Lyanna giggled as she started petting the wolf’s only ear.

‘What’s his name?’ Lyanna asked curiously

‘His name is Ghost. I’ve had him since he was a pup. I think he likes you’ Jon said. Jon gently grabbed Lyanna’s wooden dragon and started examining it.

‘I like your toy dragon, does he have a name?’ he asked

‘He protects the smaller dragons, so I named him Jorax after Mother’s bravest Knight’ said Lyanna as Daenerys smiled at her daughter and Jon.

A sad smile crossed Jon’s mouth, as he remembered House Mormont. ‘Your mother is right, he was brave, gallant and honorable. What every Knight should be. He saved our lives’ Jon said.

Jon then pulled some of the dry meat from his leather pouch and offered it to Lyanna so she could feed Ghost.

Lyanna started feeding Ghost and playfully petting the direwolf. Drogon sneered and turned its head away from the little girl and her new friend.

Jon stood once again and saw that Daenerys was beaming at him. The dawn had given way to the sun, the sky was blue and cloudless, and the Wall shined as bright as ever in the horizon. Jon thought this was the most perfect moment of his life. He grabbed Dany’s face and kissed her. He did not know how long he kissed her.

‘Mother, father, they’ve found us. They did follow us’ said Lyanna with excitement.

Jon’s soldier instincts made him turn around quickly looking for an enemy. It was then when Drogon got up from his rest, raised his head to the sky and roared louder than Jon had ever heard or remembered.

Jon’s hand went for Longclaw as he scanned the surrounding area. Before he could unsheathe his sword, Daenerys hand calmly grabbed him by the wrist. She quietly pointed up, to the morning sky.

Jon raised his head and saw what Lyanna had seen. Approaching the clearing were they stood, Jon saw one more magnificent sight in this most humbling of days.


He counted six dragons led by a sky blue one with a dark green tail. They were all of various sizes, all smaller than Drogon. The dragons started landing in the clearing next to Drogon.

‘They made it mother, they’re here’ said Lyanna with the innocence and wonder than only a child has.

Daenerys smiled at her daughter and looking at Jon said ‘they are here, just like us. Home’


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